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Heartland Laser Creations
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Who are we?

We are James and Kimberly Heap and we are from Central Illinois.  That's where the Heartland comes from.  James has 10 years of experience with laser engraving and we have decided to work together to create Heartland Laser Creations!  Between the two of us we have 7 children (mostly now out of the nest) but they offer a great source of in house labor as needed.  We are still holding out hope that at least one or two of them will want to take an active role in creating a successful family business with us.  As time allows maybe we will share a little bit more about the wonderful family God has brought together.


What are our other interests?

Well when we aren't busy at work creating laser engraved treasures in our shop, or chilling out with our family, you might find us working on or cruising in one of our Vintage Mustangs.  We are getting to enjoy our '68 Mustang Coupe that our family restored over an 18 month long period together a few years ago.  A second project car a '67 Mustang Convertible is still ongoing.  As time, weather and finances allow we will attempt to bring it back to it's glory days again.  If you have a few minutes, take a look at both our projects!



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Central Illinois Mustang Association is our local Mustang Club that we are involved with.  Come check out one of our annual shows!